Making 2022 Different and with Success

Updated: Jan 18

Happy 2022! Gone are the days of making new year's resolutions and being done with them by February.

New research shows that people who engage in creating a personal vision tend to make the adjustments in life that are desired. The key difference between a resolution and a vision is having clarity about what one aspires to become; vision implies the use of imagery which makes it easier to identify success. Vision also embraces what you want to become. For example, by the end of 2022 I want to be on my way to becoming CEO of a top 500 company. Or by the time I am 40 years old I will have impacted over 10,000 lives through my work as an effective teacher.

Once you identify your ambitions then you can set into motion specific action steps to help you achieve this vision. In many ways this practice is setting personal SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely.

What is key is that once you have a personal vision statement is that you calendar personal check-in dates to help manage your actions towards achieving the vision. Every couple of months it is important to re-read your personal vision statement and take stock in what you have done so far to help you get to your goal. Also consider what you may need to do differently if you are not progressing the way you desired originally.

By writing down your vision statement and action steps you will take makes it 42% more likely that you will achieve this goal. To increase this likelihood you may consider working with a mentor or personal coach because when you confide in others about your goals there is a built in accountability element. The power of a mentor or coach is that they can not only hear you but also help guide you.

CMyQual can help you achieve this vision. Have a look at the Goals section and reach out to be matched to a career coach who can help guide you.


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