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What a week it has been. We have just wrapped up our second year in a row participating in the #businesschallengeweek sponsored by #OxfordBrookesUniversity. The goal of the program is to bring businesses together with teams of interested students supported by mentors to troubleshoot an element of the business. We as the business recognize that we are still struggling to find our niche market so that was our challenge. Our team was made up of a second year F1 engineering student, a Masters degree student in marketing and another Masters degree student in international business. They did not know each other prior to the week but they did choose us to work with.

As the team met and discussed different business options to help us, Edumenteach access a viable market for our cMyQual platform. One of the members asked Mara "If you love teaching so much why not offer courses through cMyQual?" The light bulb went off. Mara did some research and learned that through the website, she can start to create and offer courses. This quickly led to a few courses on offer and more being built to meet different needs.

The first course is providing participants with some tools and insights for how to enter the job market with confidence. Knowing that there has been a Great Resignation there will be a time for people to return to employment and sometimes when there is a gap in working folks need a little boost of confidence to apply and interview again. This course will help you overcome these and other challenges. Here is the link.

The second course is about leading a digital nomadic life. Mara is no expert in this field but has been doing it for the last two years with her family. During this time of working remotely, world schooling an eleven year old and traveling without a set itinerary she has learned a few tricks to help anyone interested in pursuing this kind of lifestyle. The course will be engaging and afterward you will receive additional information to help you navigate and manage the mindshift necessary to make this lifestyle happen for you and your family. Here is the link to sign up.

For children Mara was inspired and decided it would be best to offer kids classes on the Outschool platform. This way parents are comfortable knowing that there has been a background check and material is reviewed before being shared with youngsters. If you have kids and they are looking for some learning opportunities please feel free to check out her profile and see what classes she has on offer.

As always for any of the content we offer if the dates and times do not work please do reach out to us and we can schedule alternative sessions. We are also available to do small group sessions so do not hesitate to reach out. Lastly if there is a topic you want to learn more about that we can teach we are happy to add to our offerings.

So though results of the Brookes competition did not go in the original direction we are thankful for the team opening our eyes up to other opportunities and options. Teaching and learning is our passion and life.

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