Are You Stuck because of GCSE Requirements?

How to Overcome the GCSE entry requirements for work and higher education opportunities in the UK

Does this scenario sound familiar? You have achieved advanced degrees with years of academic study and now you are applying for a position in the UK or a higher education course. One of the entry requirements is to produce evidence of passing English and Maths GCSEs or their equivalent. In your country you did not take these exams or you have lost your secondary school paperwork evidencing having passed such exams. The UK system does not recognize that a higher degree in your field of study evidences that you have the basic skills in English and math and you are required to produce this certificate to continue on. What are your options?

Often a workplace might allow you to start a position on a contingency that you within a year you produce this evidence of passing GCSE exams. If you were applying for a higher qualification then the admissions person may accept you on the premise that you must have passed this exam before starting the course. In both cases you now need to tackle the exams.

Sometimes people in this situation believe that they have to re-take the entire course for the year and then sit the exam at the end of the year. Others may just give up and feel that they can’t pursue because they don’t want to spend a year retaking a course they may have taken years ago.

There is an alternative route that is much more civil, especially for mature adults who recognize that this is just a small hurdle to achieve their ambition. The equivalency of GCSE English and Maths is level 2 Foundation Math and English. You don’t have to take a course for an entire year; you might choose to take a 12 week refresher course or study on your own. Then you can sign up with Equivalency Testing and sit the exam online. You are required to have a working wifi, webcam, microphone and register prior to the exam.

This alternative route is much more flexible and there are several exam dates available. Though it is an exam you don’t have the stress of a single day for all exam sitters with everyone arriving with a bit of angst. Instead this route caters towards adults needing to meet a requirement and not a data point for a school or institution.

We have experience with several clients in the past using this route to achieve and begin their next chapter. If you are in this situation do not hesitate to reach out.

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