Embracing Your Professional Journey

Looking back to over 25 years of working with youth, I am always astonished with how different their lives bloom to what I may have predicted. In each case, opportunities and challenges impacted their trajectory. Those that succeed, are ones willing to reflect frequently and define success on their terms; not what the rest of the world might consider or what we as educators were encouraging them towards.

Finishing a degree or training program of course is important but these formal qualifications do not guarantee success in that field just keep certain doors open.

Recently I met a student of mine from 20 years ago. She was top of her class, highly motivated, self aware, curious and had tremendous motivation to make a difference in the world. Growing up in a poor family, low-income community she realized at a young age that it was important to seize opportunities in front of her and she was always appreciative of support she received from her school and community.

Through a lot of hard work and dedication, she was accepted to an top ranked university in the US with some great scholarships and financial aid in the form of loans. She attended three years and unfortunately fell ill her final year so was not able to finish university. None the less, once she got better she continued to work hard and climbed a corporate ladder where she was able to earn a high income and support her family.

One day she thought: “Is this what I really want? This job though with great pay and benefits is not fulfilling.” She turned back to her community and sought an alternative career path sacrificing the pay for the fulfillment. She became a school secretary at a school she attended. Connecting with youth reminded her of her childhood and she hoped to inspire and motivate the students. Unfortunately, this position included an unsupportive manager leaving her feeling frustrated, under-valued and stressed. At the same time her personal family suffered a death and she was now at a crossroads- does she stay put or does she follow her partner’s heart and resettle in his home country. She chose the latter believing that it would benefit him, his family and her children while at the same time freeing her of an abusive work situation.

Now she is heading up a tourism enterprise and real estate portfolio featuring AirBnBs she and her family and friends own. Happiness and contentment ground her as she is able to raise her children in a safe community surrounded by nature, stray animals and a less materialistic world.

If cMyQual were around when she had made this decision, it could have saved her countless time with organizing her professional assets and being able to share them with government officials in her new country. In addition, cMyQual coaches could have assisted with helping her through making these career decisions. She expressed that having this support would have been beneficial as it is sometimes difficult to take in family and friends’ feedback and make decisions that are best for you.

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