How do you track your career?

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Nowadays we have trackers for everything. People track their fitness using some kind of wearable and app; financial health is managed by one's bank app or some have a consolidator to track spending and income. Many have a health dashboard from their doctors' office that includes appointment schedule, test orders, test results and various high interest articles related to your areas of need. Social media tools also allows you to monitor your account, see your posts and their impact with the numbers of likes and shares. We have a lot of data on ourselves in our different aspects of life that can inform our behaviors, actions and next steps.

Professionally what exists to manage one's career? If you are part of a professional association then they might have a dashboard where you can create a profile, engage with others and maybe take classes and/or upload your certificates. Of course there is LinkedIn but most people use this as a tool for networking and maybe job recruitment. Some individuals may work with a recruitment office which helps one to find a job but afterwards once in a job who continues to support, guide and be of service to this individual?

cMyQual exists to help individuals put themselves at the center of their career and regardless of one's direction or change of direction the system is there. Life is no longer a linear pathway where one studies in one field and stays in it for life. Most people will have 4-7 different careers each requiring similar and different qualifications, skills and professional assets. cMyQual can be the repository for all of them and provide 1:1 coaching services to help people navigate this non-linear future. We have supported individuals at different intervals in their life to transform and take their skill set and successfully apply it in different fields.

Imagine a successful electrician with her own company wishing to have a change and go into teaching and business coaching. Making this transition independently is difficult but with the support of cMyQual she is not alone. First she has a robust dashboard that captures all of her qualifications. Next she taps into 1:1 coaching to determine if teaching and coaching is really what she wants to pursue. Then after making the decision she works with her coach to determine which avenue to pursue to become a qualified teacher. Simultaneously she is encouraged to join business networks specifically female led groups to build her network and help position her into a business coaching role in the future. cMyQual helps her find these groups to join and provides course recommendations for her to do to help make her application more robust in the future. Having the support of cMyQual makes the difference between someone wishing to change and someone making it happen.

One of the perfect times to engage with cMyQual is just as one is graduating from uni or an advanced degree program and beginning to embark on their professional journey. Using cMyQual services from the start will help individuals organise their professional assets and academic qualifications and have a 1:1 coach to talk through career options. In addition we offer consultations on CV design, interview skills, and job searching strategy.

Whether for yourself and/or for those you support now is the time to act and join cMyQual to get ahead in your career journey.

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