Planning Your Next Move

Updated: Jan 18

No matter where you are in your career it is important to keep a pulse as to your thoughts for what next, while at the same time embracing the present. The next step is best when one seizes an opportunity, as compared to acting out of desperation or crisis. Sometimes this is not in one’s control but if you apply the following strategies you may not only benefit from thinking ahead but also mitigating the crisis.

Career management is one of those areas that too often people do not own for themselves and often fall in the trap of status quo or do what is expected. According to Professor Julia Richardson from Curtin’s School of Management and Marketing there is no ‘one-size fits all solution’ and especially nowadays there are so many different opportunities both locally, internationally and virtually.

Start with the Why

To start, it is important to know what motivates YOU. What fulfills YOU about what you are doing career wise? What is your WHY? Simon Sinek offers a great TED Talk that helps one identify their motivation. Within knowing your WHY, it is important to assess where you are in life and how does your career fit in? For example are you just finishing your education and seeking your first position? Do you have a family or family commitments that require significant time? What else in your life are you juggling that needs your attention and commitment? By answering these questions it helps one assess where they are and what kind of commitment they can make about their career move.

Take Stock

Next, consider the degree to which you are currently fulfilled in your current job and role. In what ways do you grow and expand your skill set? Is there a comfortable challenge? Are you celebrated when you succeed? Depending upon your answers to these questions determines how quickly you may need to take the next steps.

From where you are- where might you see yourself going in a year’s time? In five year’s time?


Now it is time to do a bit of research: within your current company or your current situation what opportunities exist for advancement? Do you need to improve your skill set? Does advancement take place within your institution or will you need to seek opportunities beyond?

While doing this investigation to plan for these next steps it is important to sustain your network, connect via LinkedIn to likeminded professionals and follow your industry trends. Be sure to keep an updated CV tracking your ongoing learnings.

Be Ready to Take the Leap

cMyQual can be a HUGE benefit to help you with all these elements. The goal setting aspect keeps you on track. The professional development log is easy to keep an updated tracker of your ongoing learning. In addition you can share your profile, professional qualifications and anything else on the system with future employers or higher education opportunities.

Change is exciting and can be challenging.


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