New Year, Spring Rejuvenation: Time to Take Stock and Revise

Happy 2079, Nepalise and Thai New Year! Amazing that throughout the year there are different opportunities to celebrate a new year around the world. Regardless of which calendar you follow, a new year always gives you an opportunity to take stock, review goals and revise action steps. Back in January, 2022 we shared a blog called Making 2022 Different and with Success. In this post we discussed the importance of having your own personal vision.

We are now four months into the year beginning in 1Jan.

How are you doing towards your personal vision and growth?

What have you achieved?

What obstacles have you faced?

By answering these questions one could evaluate his/her direction. Key in one’s evaluation is to do it without judgement- simply consider the situation at face value and objectively. Emotion and bias can fog the situation and add to the obstacles. For example take the case of Ami (real person) who graduated university with a degree in business administration in December, 2021 after a semester delay due to limited access to uni because of COVID. Ami was keen on joining a major consulting firm in the UK but due to COVID 19 she had to return to her home in India and assist her family. Feeling a bit deflated and wondering why she even went to the UK to earn a degree she had set a goal of preparing her CV and gaining experience in business administration via online opportunities. Her goal was to apply and secure at least one freelance position by the end of January. She applied via Upworks to over 20 different job postings, got shortlisted for two and interviewed for one. By the end of March she landed one freelance position.

In Ami’s case with her skill set it became evident that she needed to improve her applications to be more tailored to the skills required in the job postings along with doing a bit more personal research as to what are her ‘super powers.’ Everyone has strengths and sometimes learning how to self promote without being too boastful requires a bit of coaching. Ami decided to engage with some coaching offered by @cMyQual and together we were able to revise her job applications reflecting her ‘super powers.’ She continues to apply to different opportunities and has been shortlisted for more opportunities with interviews scheduled for later this month. We are hopeful with this new confidence she will land more opportunities in the near future and will achieve her 2022 goal.

How are you doing with your goals? Feel free to reach out to @cmyqual to get additional support and coaching to help you fulfill your goals by December 2022. Our clients have the opportunity to use our platform where goals are set, action steps written and coaching support provided. Check us out at and together we can help YOU achieve your new year’s goals.

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