Summer is here!

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Maybe you have begun your summer festivities and outdoor experiences? Time to be outdoors, do some local events, travel and rest for many.

In this time you might consider putting together your learning log or professional development tracker especially if you need to renew an upcoming qualification, license or credential. If you are a real estate agent every 4 years in California (and more frequently in other states) you need to renew your qualification and provide evidence of trainings you have attended. If you are an attorney the same is true; one has to prove their continued education hours. Teachers also need a log tracking their hours of professional development and training for renewing their credential or license, at least in the US.

Given that this year you may have attended both in person and online conferences or trainings it may get confusing as to how much time you actually did spend learning and more importantly what was the impact of this learning on your work? If you haven't been tracking this learning and are coming up to a deadline to renew your qualifications you might consider the following steps:

1) Log on to and sign up.

2) Go to the CPD logs link on the left.

3) Go to Add New and enter in the basics to the training(s) you attended. (If you don't remember you might have open your calendar so that you can see what you have done over the course of the year.) Complete how much or how little of the information you like. The more details you have the better it is for you to refer back to in the future.

4) Once you are done adding all your professional development you will have a clean log to be able to reference and share with different exam boards, qualification offices or who ever you need in order to renew or update your license.

Summer is a great time to take care of this task that many professionals put on the back burner. Plus it could be a real uplifter to see all that you have learned and achieved over the course of this year.

Note that the cMyQual tool can be used by ANYONE for ANY profession. Currently it is available in pilot form without a cost so what do you have to lose? The upside potential is there in your self worth and future opportunity. Be pro-active and get organized!

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