Top 10 Reasons for Moving to the UK for Work or School

The UK is steeped with tradition, culture and a long history that is represented throughout the country. Some may describe living there as a place one can ‘live history’ while in the urban centers surrounded by a bustle of international cultures and overall acceptance of everyone.

In recent years as a result of BREXIT is experiencing a bit of transition and transformation with its independence from the EU. These changes provide opportunities for new immigrants to fill gaps in the workforce and enjoy a culture that believes and supports their residents like their citizens.

Here are some of the top reasons to consider moving to the UK:

  1. History: Everywhere- cities, countryside, seaside there is a story. For those who appreciate history the UK is a fascinating place to live with a lot of historical relevance and a willingness to review its impact on the present day.

  2. Culture: Almost all of the museums are open for the public to freely explore which reflects a value in preserving and sharing a wealth of resource and information. In addition the music scene and the festivals are amazing and there has been an embrace of diverse culinary expertise as well.

  3. Healthcare: The national healthcare system (NHS) is among the best and because it is a national system it is accessible to everyone.

  4. Geographic: With the UK’s proximity to Europe it makes for travel to be fairly easy. The UK has been a travel hub for years so In addition traveling to other island nations, the North America, African countries and beyond is very accessible. Travelling within the UK is also covered well by trains and public transport.

  5. Education: Of course there is the famous university system with Oxford and Cambridge as anchors and beyond there is a lot of learning opportunities available from vocational studies at further education colleges to apprenticeships and specialty study programs. If you are coming with school age children the state education system offers rigorous educational standards for all of its residents and citizens free of charge until the age of 18.

  6. Natural Beauty: The UK has an extensive national park system and National Trust that preserves nature and celebrates the green countryside. Throughout many cities and villages walks through the meadow, or along a river bank or through a field are open and inviting for anyone to partake. This access helps to maintain good mental health.

  7. Pubs and Food: The pub culture is at the heart of any village and it does not mean one has to drink. The pub is where people come together, enjoy each other’s company, play games and support each other. Similarly the food scene has really blossomed with lots of fusion and influences of ethnic foods with a conscience towards quality ingredients.

  8. Work-Life Balance: The UK if you are working full time offers 28 paid days off per year that are mandated by UK law. In addition there are nine unpaid bank holidays that are mostly during the summer months to take advantage of the better weather and sunlight. Christmas and New Years are also holidays allowing a good amount of time to travel. A full time work week includes 37 hours typically divided over five days, less than many other countries.

  9. The Language: Though English is the national language there are several different accents that vary by region so if you already speak English you will be fine for 90%; if you don’t speak English there are lots of ways to learn it via the culture, courses, and through practice.

  10. The People: Core to wherever one is in the country is a sense of humor; there is a famed dry wit that reflects the big-hearted nature of its people.

Whether you choose to work or study in the UK the experience will be worthwhile. The UK Government has a clear website to inform you of your rights, opportunities and explanation of the different types of visas required. (Student visa information; work visa information) Ideally you will have an opportunity to first visit, travel to the different regions and see where you feel like it can be home.

Know that we at cMyQual are here to help you navigate this transition. Both founders have done this migration before and can support you with these nuisances. Just schedule a call today.

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