Landing your next job: 5 Top Tips

Recruiters and those interviewing candidates for a position truly care about three questions:

Do you have basic skills and a desire to learn new skills to be successful in the position?

Why are you interested in this position and what will you bring to the team?

Can they work with you?

In order to be selected for an interview it is critical that your CV and cover letter sell your interests in the position, belief in the company’s ethos and highlights why you would be good for this position. Being concise and to the point is appreciated by those combing through applications.

  • When applying to different companies it is important to research the company and to do some homework about the culture and know why you would be interested to work there.

  • Reading reviews on Glassdoor or reaching out to those you know via LinkedIn may be helpful keeping in mind that these are individuals’ perspectives.

  • Be sure to do a web search and see what press or articles have been written about the company.

  • Before engaging in this process have clarity about why you are seeking a new job. What is it you hope to get from a change?

  • Financial reasons may be one driver but also consider your own fulfillment. We spend a lot of time at work so be sure you apply for jobs that will bring you fulfillment.

We at cMyQual can help you determine your ‘why’ and provide you some direction as to where to consider applying. We can also help you improve your CV and cover letter along with helping you practice your interview skills. These services may be just what you need to land your next job and advance your career.

Have a look at our products.

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