Why isn’t Every Day Earth Day?

Recently I had the pleasure of doing some trekking in Nepal and one of the things that struck me was the care taken for preserving the natural beauty. All along the hiking trail I noticed gentle reminders to treasure the beauty and nature and minimise one’s impact. The Nepalese government introduced a no-plastic zone at a point on the trail where hikers would stop to buy more water. Instead the locals would refill your bottle with filtered fresh water for a small price. All other drinks were sold in glass bottles that would require one to consume on premises and return the bottle for refilling after of course sanitising. The trails themselves were 98% free of rubbish and everything sold was packaged with minimal, mostly eco-friendly packaging except the bags of crisps. Few people actually bought these bags and never did we see anyone eating them nor remnants of them littered about.

Along the way we met some really interesting people from different backgrounds and life journeys. Most were between 20-30 year olds seeking a journey to reaffirm their connection to nature, learn how others live in more isolated environments and ponder their own lives. A couple of young Danish women, both twenty had just finished their secondary education and were now considering their next move. They described a six month program they both did as part of their schooling that was all about self discovery and development of one’s interests and skills and not about success and earning qualifications. This program called højskoler or in English, folk schools follows a model of living and learning together themed around common interests. Both these trekkers were interested in journalism and one of them spent over a month traveling with her classmates in Israel and Palestine to learn about the culture, history and to practice her journalism skills as part of the program.

Hearing about their different schooling practice made me wonder how many different pathways exist towards one’s future.

We also met a group of young Israelis who were traveling after their required army service. Similar to the Danish trekkers these Israelis were at a crossroad in their life and instead of planning ahead they were taking a pause to live their life and explore the world and nature’s beauty. These Israelis were traveling with a bit of a ‘carpe diem’ approach and had few set plans open to lots of opportunity.

Differently we met a group of Koreans that were doing a 14 day trek with a regimented schedule and almost all were either retired or in later stages of their professional journey so for them this was a break from their city and work life. With this group there was a lot of camaraderie and a sense of togetherness with their common background. Their trek was a bit different than the others because they were 17 individuals with many porters assisting with carrying an entire kitchen to prepare the group Korean food. So for them the experience was more about the nature and perhaps the stories afterwards and less about the Nepalese culture.

Then there were the Nepalese teen school group doing a trek during their New Years Holiday- they carried with them their speaker, played music and marched through the hills occasionally pointing out the natural beauty but mostly having a good time with one another.

Each person we met had a personal journey. With a few government reminders and a lot of social norms their journey ebbs and flows with the nature surrounding them. Why can’t this experience be the norm instead of the exotic?

As a society and as we have been told by the global climate change experts we must embrace our earth and put into daily habit both big and small decisions an awareness of our impact on our surroundings. The best is when our personal and professional decisions align and we take the steps possible to reduce our carbon footprint.

We at cMyQual are committed to aligning our company values and practices with efforts to reduce carbon footprints and promote a more sustainable future. Once our product moves from pilot to full implementation we will plant a tree for every goal achieved and achievement shared through our partnership with DigiHumani and Sustainable Harvest. Check it out: https://www.cmyqual.co.uk/sustainability

Hopefully it is these small actions that together can help turn the tide and reign in global climate change. Help us get started and try out our offer of supporting you to put your career at the centre while continuing reforestation efforts in the world.

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